General Information

Hygienic design of equipment and facilities is one of the main tools of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to achieve their final aim of guaranteeing the safety of the products they manufacture. Food producers and their equipment suppliers should be aware of the hygienic aspects in the activities they carry out. Learn on occasion of the EHEDG World Congress why hygienic engineering and design is important in food safety management, and how the EHEDG expertise can help you to assure the compliance of equipment, machinery and the related food & beverage production processes in accordance to highest hygienic standards.

Some of the most recent foodborne outbreaks related to contamination by microorganisms as diverse as e.coli or listeria, involving sectors such as the beverage or the meat industry, resulted from an unhygienic design of equipment or facilities. Deficiencies such as the presence of dead areas, poor quality welds, cracks in surfaces, etc. may be the origin of cross contaminations with serious consequences for the innocuousness and safety of food.

To eliminate such risks, the Congress will highlight state-of-the art solutions for the design of equipment, facilities and buildings. The agenda includes new trends in cleaning technology with a focus on open process environments, CIP and validation, same as innovations of hygienic equipment design. Further, the importance of hygienic design in factory refurbishments including risk assessment, as well as best practice examples from various industries will be discussed, by also taking into consideration the environmental aspects and sustainability.

All congress lectures will be presented in English language.
The delegate fee will comprise the download of all speaker presentations from a password-protected area on this website.